A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Louis is very very fat and he likes it that way, unfortunately, Louis loses weight every second!

Feed Louis delicious food that comes down the conveyor belts, but don't feed him anything healthy or he'll get too thin.


'F' - Fling food from left conveyor belt

'J' - Fling food from right conveyor belt

'R' - Restart

To Launch the Game:

Download and launch w/ '$ java -jar /path/to/jar/desktop-1.0.jar'

Game Hint:

Louis like pizza, ice cream and cupcakes, but not broccoli or bran muffins!

Completion disclaimer:

I didn't get to see 'Feed Fat Louis' to my final vision. To that point several features are missing, most notably is the score HUD and any kind of messaging (though some messages can be viewed via the console).


This is my first Ludum Dare entry (though don't let that keep you from an accurate judging)! I wrote 'Feed Fat Louis' with LibGDX and did the artwork, programming and sound effects solo. I didn't decide to join LD until ~midway through Saturday and did the bulk of the work on Sunday and some extra stuff Monday on my lunch break, and in the final development hour. Inkscape was used for the art, Android Studio was the IDE, Audacity served as the sound recorder/editor. I can't write music so I experimented with just making scarfing sounds in the major musical scale and then playing one when Louis eats a snack.


desktop-1.0.jar 8 MB

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